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Excellence Is Our Target

Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex was initially known as (SFC) Specialty Fertility Center in 2010, later in October 2012 was renamed as Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, with an identity as a full-fledged service in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization ) with our team of distinguished medical and paramedical staff with wide expertise in IVF and other various medical field.

In beginning of 2013, Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex started operation for dermatology, cosmetic treatment and also providing complete diagnostic treatment to our patients. Our patients are valued with providing a special caring environment, where our major emphasis is not only technological excellence, but also on accessibility, personal attention and emotional support

Our dedicated team of physicians is recognized internationally for their extensive clinical experience, exceptional academic credential and in-depth research initiative, which eventually get success in treating the most challenging fertility cases.


What We Serve


Best IVF Treatment Center In Muscat, Oman

Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex is one of the leading Infertility Clinic in Muscat, Sultanate of Oman, is outfitted with modern technologies for laboratory culture of embryos and assisted reproductive technology (ART), a modern diagnostic laboratory outfitted with the latest technologies and laboratory equipment, and a pharmacy outfitted with the proper medications that have been prescribed and issued by the staff of Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex in order to facilitate and provide comfort during treatment.

We provide the most extensive array of infertility treatments, including genetic testing, supported by a high-tech infrastructure and a group of highly skilled doctors and staff. The facility saw a high success rate of more than 80% with over 100+ successful IVF procedures in just one short year. The helpful medical staff makes sure that couples considering IVF are fully informed about their treatment options and anticipated outcomes. Transparency in treatments and pricing, according to Al-Bushra Fertility Clinics, are the two factors that matter most when dealing with patients.


Our 26000+ Happy Patients That Trusts Us.



Why Choose Us

Al-Bushra fertility clinic provides the most advanced IVF treatments with world class infrastructure and highly skilled doctors and staff

  • 12 Years of experienced doctors and staffs
  • 200+ successful IVF procedures 
  • Award winner of Ministry of Health (Oman) for the best medical complex In the Muscat Governorate for the year 2016 & 2017

Our Awards

Award | Ministry of Health (Oman) | AL-BUSHRA MEDICAL SPECIALTY COMPLEX
Al-Bushra Medical Complex award winner of Ministry of Health (Oman) for the best medical complex In the Muscat Governorate for the year 2016
Award | Best medical complex in the Governorate of Muscat |
Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex has won the award of best medical complex in the Governorate of Muscat as well as the Sultanate for the second consecutive year 2017 honored by Ministry of Health Oman


Satisfied Clients

Meet Our Doctors

Our administration and support staff all have exceptional people skills and trained to assist you with all medical enquiries

General Questions

The IVF treatment Cost in Muscat (Oman) starts from 1300 to 1900 OMR or approximately 3377 to 4935 USD. Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex is the best IVF clinic in Muscat (Oman) with excellent doctors and advanced IVF Treatment Equipment.

Dr. Eman Al Azawi is one of the best infertility doctors in Oman specialised in (IVF) Infertility and Gynecology Specialist

Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex fertility clinic is the best in Muscat (Oman) offering IVF at the lowest cost with top fertility services. Get first free Consultations from our best IVF Doctors in Muscat (Oman). With an expert IVF team and advanced equipment we, have the highest IVF success rates in Oman

IVF is the most successful fertility treatment and frequently assists couples in becoming pregnant after other infertility treatment options have failed. It is most effective when combined with other procedures.

Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Hospitals have the highest IVF success rates in Oman because of their expert IVF team and advanced equipment. Our IVF team is constantly updating their knowledge so they can provide advanced treatments to patients.

The best IVF clinic in Muscat (Oman) is Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, which also provides excellent fertility care at a low price.

An IVF cycle typically takes several weeks. This includes the initial consultation and evaluation, ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs, egg retrieval, fertilization, and embryo transfer.

On average IVF treatment cost starts from 1300 to 1900 OMR or approximately 3377 to 4935 USD.

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