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Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex was initially known as (SFC) Specialty Fertility Center in 2010, later in October 2012 was renamed as Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex, with an identity as a full-fledged service in IVF (In Vitro Fertilization ) with our team of distinguished medical and paramedical staff with wide expertise in IVF and other various medical field.

In beginning of 2013, Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex started operation for dermatology, cosmetic treatment and also providing complete diagnostic treatment to our patients. Our patients are valued with providing a special caring environment, where our major emphasis is not only technological excellence, but also on accessibility, personal attention and emotional support

Our dedicated team of physicians is recognized internationally for their extensive clinical experience, exceptional academic credential and in-depth research initiative, which eventually get success in treating the most challenging fertility cases.

All the treatments to the patients are given in a highly sensitive manner and our patient’s privacy is our priority. All communication with patient care are recorded electronically and handled with confidential. We provide our services of global standards at affordable costs.

With the development of the company, we have already had the affiliations and extended our services to the following ministries, schools and other companies:

Mission & Vision

Our mission aims at providing a comprehensive and integral medical care to all in addition to being fully committed to improving all aspects of people’s lives according to the highest medical standard, with fully integrity, dedication and respect for privacy of all our patents. We have been since our inception and will always remain committed to using state-of-the-art technologies in the various medical specializations offered at the complex . Our commitment is as well towards the recruitment of high medical and administrative calibers in order to enhance and maintain the quality of medical services, which we provide to our patients and which they deserve

The vision and near future aspirations of the Management of Al-Bushra Medical Specialty Complex are to build Al-Bushra Specialized Hospital in Muscat Governorate (Azaiba) as per the highest international medical standards to become Oman’s iconic medical landmark that offer rare medical specialization in addition to the existing ones. Serious negotiation, research and investigation have actually started to contract leading companies to build the hospital and supply its top-notch medical equipment according to the highest international medical standards. The future hospital will be with highly competent staff for the specialization to be added.

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